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2021-2022 Nominees


For President

Craig Baker-KF7LLA:  I joined FWARC in 2013, taking over the Digital Communications group and managing all internet connectivity, D-STAR and other digital modes for the club's repeaters. In this role, I have tried to focus on what the club members want for the digital infrastructure and classes. Serving as Secretary for the 2019-2020 Board, I have an understanding of how the board operates and the expectations placed upon the officers and trustees; including the desire and need for transparency for the club members to know what the board is doing on their behalf. As President, I will work to be inclusive and provide transparency across all board positions. FWARC is rooted in being a radio and social club, it is my goal to get back to those foundations so that the members can enjoy the benefits of club membership while continuing to provide opportunities for members to advance their interests in radio.


Ray Jaggers-KI7CWX
:  No information received.

For Vice-President

Daniel Stevens-KL7WM:  Daniel Stevens, KL7WM, has been licensed since 1982 and is an Amateur Extra and has a GROL, with Radar endorsement.. He has several college degrees including a BBA in Accounting and Finance. He is a business owner and has formed several organizations. He has served on many ham clubs and IRS 501 organizations boards. He has been President of several organizations, including the Anchorage Amateur Radio Club, when there was almost 500 members in this club. He has worked as an accountant, tax preparer, high rise window cleaner and tower climber. Most recently he has been Training Coordinator and has trained 2,400 people in amateur radio subjects. Please vote for Daniel Stevens, KL7WM.

David Swartz-KC7RRH
: I am one of the founding members of the FWARC.  This club was created to provide service to our community, educational opportunities for new and experienced HAMS, and to have good times together.  For much of our 20+ years of operation we succeeded in this goal. I served the club and members as President, Vice-president, Secretary, and Trustee building this club into a great amateur radio club. I led the repeater operations committee of the club in the construction and design of our seven analog and digital repeaters. Repeaters that were mostly paid for through extensive fundraising activities and partnerships with community organizations. Professionally I work in Federal Way as the IT manager for a world class research facility.  The vice president presides over the membership committee of the club. As vice-president I will end the chaos and uncertainty that currently exists in our membership records.  Working with honest club leadership I will work to establish policies and processes to ensure complete transparency of our records, the issuance of membership cards, and traceability of your payment into the clubs financial accounts.  We all deserve better. Integrity and ethics matter.

For Secretary


Carlin Faultersack-KF7TAX:  No information received.

Mike McCoy-N7VWD:  I am a Charter Member of FWARC, joining in early 1999. I have served in all positions on the club’s board of trustees with the exception of club Secretary. In addition to serving on the Board of Trustees, I have also organized some of our past field day events, and served as training coordinator in the early days of the club. I have facilitated several club auctions, managed the launch of two very successful club high altitude balloons, and have assisted the Repeater Committee & the DSTAR Committee as they install and maintain the club’s various repeaters & DSTAR systems over the years. I participate in the club’s weekly Sunday night net, and I support the ECRT program & other club activities on a regular basis. As the club’s webmaster, I promoted club transparency by building club web pages which provide monthly detailed Membership & Treasurer reports (T.R. no longer being used) for our club members. Since I do not belong to any other ham radio club, my loyalty & focus is only on the FWARC.

For Treasurer


Jamie Fenton-KI7IWP:  No information received.

Bryan Tuey-KG7ODF:  My name is Bryan Tuey. I’ve been involved in HAM radio since 2014 and a member of FWARC since 2017. I obtained my current license as an extra in 2018. My professional background is in Civil Engineering and hold a Professional Engineers license in the state of Washington. My educational background consists of a BS in Civil Engineering from St. Martin’s University, an MBA and Masters Certificate in Project Management from Keller Graduate School. During my career I’ve been involved in numerous accounting processes that include preparing million dollar contractor progress payments along with the documentation of materials and work used to prepare these progress payments.  It is my desire and vision to see the FWARC return to a place where members can come and share HAM radio technology and more importantly enjoy the camaraderie of other members. It would be great to attend meetings and not have ongoing discussions on whether club expenditures were authorized, needed Bylaw changes, and discussions on Robert’s Rules of Order. I believe it is the next Treasurer’s duty to return the club to monthly financial reporting (as outlined in the Bylaws) and an accounting system that eliminates any ambiguity or uncertainty in the accounting procedures. If elected Treasurer, I intend to do just that.  With your approval, I would be happy bring my experience and education to the office of Treasurer for the FWARC.

For Trustees

Perry Angiono–WB7NIL:  I grew up in Edmonds WA and obtained by Ham Radio Novice ticket in 4/1976, upgraded to General in 1977 and Extra in 1/2021. I retired from the US Coast Guard after 22 years of service in Telecommunications, serving aboard both heavy CG Icebreakers and a High Endurance Cutter out of Seattle. I continue to serve our country working for the DOD.  I would like to see the club to focus on growth in its membership through recruiting new hams of all ages, and providing them with an Elmer program that promotes technical education and instruction, EMCOM programs, and to improve our online marketing.

Tony Robinson-KJ7LSA
: I have been a ham since January 2020 and a member of the club since March 2020 (the last in person meeting we had). Got my General ticket in July 2020. My first contact was with Rich KC7DZD and he encouraged me to join. I have started to do my ECRT certificate training and am looking forward to in person meetings. I am a member of the Tacoma and PSRG and expanding my ham knowledge wherever I can. I operate a Kenwood V71 as my home UHF/VHF rig. I have a Baofeng F8HP handheld and a Radioddity GD77 DMR handheld. My HF rig is an Icom 7300. Looking forward to in person meetings doing what I can to help the club.

Jason Wilbur-N7XOG
: My name is Jason Wilbur, I am 52 years old. I have been in Apartment Maintenance for 30 + years. I work in Kirkland at a Mid-rise as a Maintenance Supervisor. I have been married to my wife Jody for 31 years. I have one son. Jeff whom will be 30 this year. I was first introduced to Amateur Radio back in 1998. In 2019 I was finally able to get my ticket! KJ7GSX in June 2019. My Step father dad passed away 9 months earlier. I decided to Honor him by getting his Call sign as my vanity. I joined The Federal Way Amateur Radio Club in 2019. I have volunteered to help at the 2019 Federal Way Miles for Meso Run/Walk. I also helped Mike (N7VWD), and Craig (KF7LLA) pull down a radio tower from a fellow Amateurs Home. My current Amateur Radio interest are in 2 meters. 70 cm. I like D-star. I enjoy listening to and talking to hams from all around the world. I want to upgrade my ticket to General then Extra. I would love to learn CW, and other modes as upgrading my ticket allow. I want to join the ECRT. And continue volunteering to help the club out. I always have a smile on my face, I like helping people out. I am fair and honest. I believe in doing what is right at all times. Being a new Ham and newer member of the club, I am always wanting to learn more. I also see the members are looking for transparency, and honesty. I believe I can help achieve that along with a new fresh face in the board of trustees.



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