LEFT: FWARC Club President Gary-KG7KU enjoying the sunshine and controlling vehicle traffic.

RIGHT:  Jerry-KC7NA, ECRT Team Leader, keeping a watchful eye on traffic and the parade.

LEFT:  Daniel-KL7WM mans the information booth.

RIGHT:  Art-W7GGI takes a break for a photo op during the 5K fun run.

(Sorry, "fun" & "run" shouldn't be used in the same sentence.)

LEFT:  Operating bicycle mobile is Mark-KE7AYD.  (The tie helps tune his antenna.)

RIGHT:  Working a busy intersection during the 5K fun run is Keith-AC7WV and his son Timothy.

LEFT:  Rich-KC7DZD keeping everyone well hydrated during the days' activities.

RIGHT:  Dick-KD5HXE watching over the vehicle traffic.

LEFT:  Nicholas-KE7HBI (L) & Nathan-KE7HBJ (R) await an assignment in support of Federal Way Festival Days.

RIGHT:  Steve-WA7VPN makes an update on the parade and traffic situation at a busy intersection on 320th Street.

BELOW:  Gary-KG7KU discusses other ways the FWARC can help solve crime in the Federal Way area.

Other Volunteers not pictured:
Greg- KD7IIQ