FWARC Sunday Night ECRT Net Preamble and Script

(Updated 9-25-2017)

Attention all Stations and good evening to everyone.  This is Your Call goes here, net control station for the Federal Way Amateur Radio Club’s Emergency Communications Response Team Net.

My Name is Your Name and I'm located in Your Location.

This net meets on Sundays at 19:30 hours, local time.

The primary frequency for this net is the 147.04 MHz repeater with a positive offset and a PL tone of 103.5 Hz.

If the repeater should fail during this net, we will finish the net using simplex on the output frequency of the repeater:  147.04 MHz

This is a directed net.  Please direct all communications through net control.  Do not transmit traffic unless directed to do so, and please inform net control if you wish to leave the net early.  Persons with Emergency or Priority Traffic may break in at any time.

The purposes of this net are to discuss club business, to provide training for Federal Way Emergency Communications Response Team members, and to provide information for visiting stations interested in becoming a part of the ECRT program.  When checking-in, give:  your name, your call sign, your location, and list any business or traffic that you have for the net.


Before we begin, do we have any emergency or priority traffic?



Part One of this net consists of check-ins from our club officers, board members, and committee chairs.

Let’s begin with our club president and training coordinator, Daniel Stevens-KL7WM. 

(At this point enter data into spreadsheet)

(Roll call of officers, board members, committee chairs from spreadsheet)

This is the Federal Way ECRT Net Control Station Your Call.


Part Two of this net consists of check-ins from the roll call of regularly participating stations.

Regular check-ins are encouraged in order to ensure that your radio equipment is fully operational in an actual emergency, to keep up-to-date with club activities, and to stay current with developments in the emergency response plan.  To be placed on the roll-call, a station must check in three times in a four-week period, and should check-in at least twice, each four weeks thereafter, to remain on the active roll.

But first, do we have any emergency or priority traffic?


This is net control calling for check-ins from people who regularly participate in our net:  Starting with (top of the list on the spreadsheet).

(Use Spreadsheet for roll call)




In Part Three of the net, we look for check-ins from visitors, and late or missed stations.

Do we have any emergency or priority traffic at this time?


Beginning with visiting stations only, please call Net Control.


Any late, missed, or visiting stations, please call Net Control.


This is the Federal Way ECRT Net Control Station Your Call.


Part Four of the net is for business and training tips.

(At this point go back and call for each person who has listed traffic.  Where indicated, call for questions.  If you haven’t received a D-Star report, ask if anyone has one.)

Does anyone have any further business, questions, or comments for the net?


Are there any additional late, missed, or visiting stations who wish to check-in?  If so, please call Net Control now.

     (Listen.  If no response, continue)

Does anyone wish to make an after-net contact?



On behalf of the leadership and members of the Federal Way Amateur Radio Club, I wish to thank all those who checked-in this evening and also thank the repeater users for giving us a clear frequency.  For more information about the Federal Way Amateur Radio Club, please visit our website at www.fwarc.org.


I’ll stay on this frequency until shortly before 20:00 hours.  At that time, I’ll switch to the King County ARES/RACES Net on the 147.08 MHz repeater and report our check-in numbers on that net.  This is Net Control station Your Call, closing the net at 19:____hours and returning the repeater to normal operation.  Good night to everyone and thanks for participating.


At this point switch to the ARES/RACES Net frequency of 147.08 MHz (+ offset, PL 110.9 Hz, PLEASE DO NOT DIVULGE PL TONE PUBLICLY) and, when Federal Way is called, answer with your Call (phonetic), First Name, Location (Federal Way), and the phrase “With Net Report”.


When you are requested, report the count of Regular members, Visitors, Items of traffic, and D-star check-ins if any, (Bill KL7BB or Daniel KL7WM should give you this).  Be sure to close with your call sign and “Back to net”. 


After the King County net, send an e-mail to the ECRT Lead with your checklist.  This will include a listing of those who checked-in, including visitors, a brief summary of the net traffic, and the D-Star report.