Federal Way Amateur
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High Altitude Balloon Project


Some hunters found tracked down our balloon and provided the following pictures and a link to a Youtube video.  The remains of the balloon, parachute, radar reflector, and payload bay (a small styrofoam cooler) is about 50 to 60 feet in a tree.  Many thanks to the hunters, whoever they are, for leaving the Pacific Coast Trail to look for our balloon in the dense pine trees in the Pasayten Wilderness area

Video of the folks who found our balloon, the tree that it is in, and what remains of our balloon.



Thanks to everyone who came out to the soccer fields out in Enumclaw, WA on Saturday July15th to watch the launch of our first High Altitude Balloon.  It was a beautiful day, with Mt. Rainier in the background, to watch out balloon and payload sail away into the wild blue yonder on its three hour trip to 108,000 feet and a landing six miles south of the Canadian border and about one mile west of the Pacific Crest Trail.

The last known position of our payload section is 48 54.73, -120 47.31 Click here for Google Maps Location.  Please report any sightings or recovery of our payload section to the club's president via email:

Our five foot parachute is fluorescent pink & green.  Our payload section is a small bright white styrofoam cooler, with a silver radar reflector nearby.

Our Launch Crew


Predicted Flight Path
Up Into The Wild Blue Yonder

Payload Section
Filling The Balloon

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