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High Altitude Balloon Project 2.v2


  Our balloon launched on 8/31/2019, was recovered the following day!  
HAB Flight #1
HAB Flight #2v2
FAA Rules Title 14, Part 101
APRS.fi (wa7fw-12 & wa7dr-11)
Path Prediction
Performance Calculator
Parachute Sizing
Enumclaw Soccer Fields
Big Red Bee
1500 Gram Latex Balloon
SJ4000 Action Cam
2 Meter Quarter Wave Antenna
2 Meter J-Pole Antenna
Patriot Memory Cell Battery
Duratrax DTXC 1837 Battery
On Saturday August 31st 2019, we were finally able to get a break in the weather and a fair path prediction to allow us to launch our 1500 gram latex weather balloon with a four pound payload from the soccer fields out in Enumclaw, WA.  Our payload contained two APRS trackers and three Go-Pro type action cameras.  Our flight package also included a 72 inch fluorescent pink & green parachute and a home made radar reflector.

Vital Statistics
   Time Launched: ~16:12
   Time Touchdown:  ~18:20
   Flight Time: 2 hours 8 minutes
   Distance Travelled: 80.2 miles (Distance between launch & landing sites.)
   Max Altitude: 92,568 feet
   Low External Temp: -65 degrees (F)


Predicted Path for 8/31/2019
Actual Path on 8/31/2019

Landing site on the left and the Enumclaw soccer fields on the right
Click on the still picture on the right
for a video of the launch of our balloon.

Still pix by Toni-N0NLC & Todd-NR7RR.

Video by Chris NK9W's XYL.
Other Pictures:  

Pictures by:

Diane XYL of Chris-NK9W
Todd-NR7RR & Toni-N0NLC
Joe Ruff

Other Videos:   Launch:  Looking Down  Looking at Horizon

Balloon Burst: 
Looking Up  Looking Down  Looking at Horizon

Landing:  Horizon
(hazy video due to condensation)

Thanks to everyone who came out to the soccer fields out in Enumclaw, WA on Saturday August 31st to watch the launch of our second High Altitude Balloon.  Weather was touch 'n' go, with Mt. Rainier in the background, to watch out balloon and payload sail away into the wild blue yonder on its two hour trip to over 91K feet and a landing 12 miles northeast of the City of Leavenworth, WA.


Big Red Bee APRS Transmitter (WA7FW-12)
Trackuino APRS Transmitter (WA7DR-11)

Patriot Memory 1500 mAH Power Cell
& SJC4000 Action Cams.  The cameras
pointed up, down, and to the horizon.
Balloon Payload Bay
(Photo by Joe Ruff)

(Note how thick the trees are.)
(Note the trees.)

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